Color codes

Prism leds are used to signal all differents mode of function and error codes. Here is all the possible color codes available.

For simpler search thorugth all codes select first the button’s color:

btn green btn red btn yellow btn purple btn light blue


“Can’t find your color? Try this section for other color codes”

Button green

Color Name Description
green1 EV charging: EV charging from the main power
green2 Overheating Overheating, EV charge current is limited
green3 Overcurrent

Current above the set value (< +10%) but under maximum limit.

EV charging continues.

Button red

Color Name Description
red1 Overheat Temperature above limit, waiting for cooling
red2 EV error EV not recognized, charging not available
red3 Overcurrent

Current above the set value (> +10%) or above maximum limit.

EV charging stops.

red4 Current leakage Current leakage, charging not allowed for safety reasons
red5 Relay stuck

Relay unable to open; voltage is measured at the plug output.


Disconnect everything and remove power. Don’t touch the connector. Contact support.

red6 Voltage error Voltage drop too big, wires too thin or too long. Check installation.
red7 RCD test error RCD test failed
red8 Overvoltage Voltage above maximum limit
red9 Internal error Internal software error

Button yellow

Color Name Description
yellow1 Solar charging

Charging with some power coming from PV panels.

The yellow leds indicate the amount of power coming from solar, each led corresponds to 20% of the total power


In this figure the amount of power coming from solar is 60% (3 yellow leds)

Button purple

Color Name Description
purple1 Update

Update in progress.

Device will reset when updating is completed

Button light blue

Color Name Description
ligh_blue1 Standby Prism in standby, ready for charging


Color Name Description
other1 No internet

No internet connection. User input available only from front panel or with AP connection.


only last led is purple, the other leds behave normally